OPPO Enco Free : TWS wireless headphones

Today we will review OPPO Enco Free – wireless bluetooth headphones of the Chinese brand in 2020. The model turned out to be quite interesting: good sound, moisture protection and support for Bluetooth 5.0. But it was not without flaws.

9.2Expert Score
Advantages and disadvantages

TWS wireless headphones

  • Sound quality
  • Stylish design
  • The ability to choose a color
  • Waterproof IPX4
  • Bluetooth 5.0 + compatible with Android and iOS
  • Touch volume and music control
  • High price
  • Battery life
  • Chinese-made reputation

OPPO Enco Free Device

Kit and Specifications


  • Headphones OPPO Enco Free
  • Charging case
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • 3 pairs of ear pads of different sizes
  • Instruction manual
OPPO Enco Free Kit


See specifications

ParameterA type
Headphone typePlug-in Wireless (TWS)
Standard dust and moisture protectionIPx4
CompoundBluetooth 5.0
Acoustic designClosed
Sensitivity42 dB
frequency range16 – 20,000 Hz
Resistance32 ohm
Membrane diameter13.4 mm
MicrophoneBuilt in
Noise Reduction (ANC)there is
Radius of action10 m
Charge indicatorthere is
Battery capacity410 mAh
Uptime5 h
Battery Charge Time2 h
Charging connectorUSB-C
Weight48.2 g
ColourWhite (White), black (Black), pink (Pink)

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Overview of OPPO Enco Free

OPPO Enco Free Review

Currently, there is a surge in the popularity of wireless headphones (TWS), and in the case of OPPO Enco Free headphones, it’s AirPod from different brands. The model entered the market with the familiar AirPod design, but all the similarities end. The OPPO Enco Free wireless headphones have a few interesting details that make this gadget quite interesting.

OPPO Enco Free Size

At the end of last year, we saw many imitators of Apple AirPods – copies were one to one. In the OPPO Enco Free review, let’s see how the gadget competes in this market?

OPPO Enco Free in a case

The Oppo Enco Free headphones were presented along with the new Reno3 and Reno3 Pro smartphones. Today, the headset is almost the only TWS brand in the CIS market. Of course, there were O-Free, but they remained only in Chinese stores. Designers and designers of OPPO Enco Free were inspired by Apple’s developments – the most popular TWS series of headphones became the prototype of many similar headsets. However, not every manufacturer is able to develop a decent headphone model. In the OPPO Enco Free review, I will check how close the brand is to the standard.


The OPPO Enco Free Headphones were officially unveiled by the company, and sales began on December 31, 2019.

OPPO Enco Free Price

Their preliminary cost was $ 99, but in fact the price was $ 140 or 10,990 rubles – it is not clear what caused such an increase in the budget. For such a budget, it is better to take the flagship Samsung Galaxy Buds + or Powerbeats 4 headphones.

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Design OPPO Enco Free

It is worth paying tribute to OPPO. Yes, we know that the appearance of the headphones was borrowed from AirPods, but in OPPO Enco Free made quite a few changes compared to the original design.

OPPO Enco Free Headphones

The first is the variety of colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Pink

OPPO Enco Free color

Secondly, this is a case.

It looks pretty typical of any other AirPods case, but OPPO Enco Free has some of its own aesthetic variations. The OPPO logo and battery indicator are located on the front, with the connect button on the right. Honestly, nothing else can be inserted here.

OPPO Enco Free Design

At the bottom there is also a USB-C port for charging. It’s nice to see the company switch to USB-C.

OPPO Enco Free USB

Open the case and the battery LED on the cover will light up instantly. The inserts themselves, as mentioned earlier, are taken from Apple AirPods. But once again OPPO brought to life its own ideas.

OPPO Enco Free Case Design

OPPO Enco Free liners are shorter and thicker. There is also a small silver strip – it indicates where the touch panels are located.

These “ears” have removable silicone ear cushions. OPPO Enco Free comes with 3 different sizes of such liners. This is a mixture of AirPods-style headphones and in-ear headphones: they cannot provide a seal like in-ear headphones, but have better sound insulation compared to AirPod and its copies.

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Management and Functionality

In their capabilities, the OPPO Enco Free wireless headphones seemed very similar to Apple AirPods. They have a sensor to automatically play / pause when you pull out the earbuds. However, the most unique in OPPO Enco Free is the touch panel.

Office OPPO Enco Free

As you may have guessed, the silver stripe on each “ear” is actually sensitive to touch. Management is quite simple:

Double tap on any earphonePlay / Pause Music
Reception / rejection of a call
Swipe up / down on the left earpieceVolume up / down
Swipe up / down right earpieceNext / previous track

I was impressed with how OPPO implemented management here. But not everything is so good. The gadget does not respond well to double-tap. Also, when I tried to use the touchpad, the earpiece leaned over and rested on my face.

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Ergonomics and connectivity OPPO Enco Free

To pair the headphones with a smartphone, just open the case. If the headphones are charged, then they themselves will automatically appear in the list of devices to connect. And in case you have an Oppo phone with ColorOS above 7, then the connection will also pass automatically.

OPPO Enco Free Connection

Android devices also do not need a particularly complicated connection, no additional programs are required. There is also a minus: it is not clear whether it is possible to update the OPPO Enco Free headphone software just as easily or whether updates are available only when working with Oppo brand smartphones.

If you use headphones for a long time, then over time you simply stop feeling them – each weighs only 4.6 grams. They do not fall out of your ear, but if necessary, you can use the ear pads that come with the kit. I immediately changed nozzles to size L, since the standard S did not suit me.

OPPO Enco Free Device

How to replace nozzles? It is necessary to pick up the nozzles and disconnect from the guide element, the installation will take a couple of seconds. This decision of the designers is understandable, but visually it doesn’t look very beautiful when the nozzles protrude from the ears and become visible.

OPPO Enco Free nozzles

The Oppo Enco Free case has magnets that prevent the headphones from falling out, there were no squeaks with constant use – the case will definitely not open without your participation.

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Sound quality

Believe it or not, OPPO used to have another subsidiary OPPO Digital, which specialized in audio and video equipment, but it left the market last year. Therefore, I think that some of these technologies appeared in the OPPO Enco Free wireless headphones, since they obviously tried to do the sound here.

Of course, OPPO Enco Free is far from Sennheiser Momentum TW2 , but the new model has a clearly expanded sound range.

OPPO Enco Free in the ears

As for the bass, I did not expect anything special during the OPPO Enco Free review, but I note that a lot of work has been done to create high-quality bass. The vocals and mids on Enco Free sound amazing: I listened to the Linkin Park soundtrack for Twilight and I really liked it! The voice dropped a little to low frequencies, but you don’t even pay attention to it. Treble is also heard perfectly, I tested them on different tracks and genres.

Summing up the sound review, OPPO Enco Free headphones, I can safely say that most listeners will definitely like the sound quality!

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Microphone operation

When we talk about wireless earbuds (TWS), questions immediately arise about its availability and quality. In Bluetooth wireless headphones such as Redmi AirDots or Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds, the microphones work terribly because the microphone is pointing away from your face.

OPPO Enco Free Design

OPPO Enco Free has microphones at the end of the tail, directed directly to the side of the mouth. For the OPPO Enco Free review, I tested the microphone on the street, talking with a friend for about 10 minutes – there were no problems or failures during the conversation.

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Battery Life

OPPO Enco Free also liked the operating time. When fully charged, the wireless headphones work for about 5 hours at a volume of 70%. This is a good result, more than most of the modern gadgets that I tested.

OPPO Enco Free Charge

The case charge lasts for 4 more recharges. Thus, during the review of OPPO Enco Free, wireless headphones lasted about 24 hours. It is enough to charge the case once and you can forget about the battery for a week.

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OPPO Enco Free Review Summary

There are many reasons to praise the manufacturer OPPO Enco Free. Sound quality, microphone, functionality (even if it failed sometimes), elegant design, as well as battery life. The headset is well balanced and able to work for a long time.

OPPO Enco Free Headphone Review

OPPO asks Enco Free for Samsung Galaxy Buds + at $ 140. I do not think this is a reasonable price tag. As I said, it’s better to buy Buds + or Powerbeats 4. But, if you have a budget and you are a lover of the Chinese manufacturer, then be sure to take OPPO Enco Free. I give 100%, you will not regret it!

9.2 Total Score
OPPO Enco Free

TWS wireless headphones

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