Best inexpensive earphones (under $100)

The rating of the best budget earphones in 2021 includes inexpensive models under $ 100, which have the best sound and quality for their price and type of construction. In the article you will find 15 of the best inexpensive headphones of different designs, ideal for listening to music of all styles and trends. The rating is based on reviews from ordinary buyers and experts.

Pros and cons of inexpensive models

best inexpensive headphones

If manufacturers of budget headphones do not constantly improve the quality of the product, their product will not be in demand. In the inexpensive segment, a good price-quality ratio is manifested. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of budget headphones.

What should you look for when choosing headphones?

So, you’ve decided to buy headphones: how to choose them? What you should pay attention to:

  • Weight . Some people like the feel of the headset, some people prefer lighter and weightless devices that are practically not felt by the ear.
  • Sensitivity . The higher this parameter, the higher the volume and the lower the load on the phone speaker.
  • Connection type . The headset can be either with a standard 3.5 Jack-connector, and with more specific ones, such as USB Type C or ’s Lightning, as well as headphones that are gaining popularity.
  • For headphones – battery life . Everything is simple here. The longer the device lasts on a single charge, the better.

Best budget headphones

Best inexpensive headphones under $ 100

2021 ranking of the best budget headphones
No. Name Description Price
1. Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 Best low-cost headphones under $ 100 in 2021 67 $
2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x One of the best budget closed-back headphones 95 $
3. Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 Good inexpensive vacuum earbuds for your phone 23 $
4. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Professional budget headphones for monitoring with linear frequency response 90 $
5. Panasonic RP-HJE125 Great budget earbuds of 2021 10 $
6. Sony WH-CH510 Best on-ear headphones for people on a budget 40 $
7. Shure SE215 High-quality inexpensive in-ear headphones from the American company Shure 94 $
eight. 1More Stylish True Wireless Affordable True Wireless In-Ear Headphones 60 $
nine. JBL C100SI Best Low Cost Earbuds in 2021 12 $
ten. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Inexpensive on-ear headphones for listening to music 55 $
eleven. Huawei Honor Sport AM61 Inexpensive in-ear headphones for sports 32 $
12. Marshall Major III Bluetooth Stylish wireless on-ear headphones at a great price $ 83
13. QCY T1C Excellent inexpensive earbuds from Aliexpress 14 $
fourteen. Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Studio monitor headphones with good sound 94 $
15. Sony MDRZX110 Series Bass headphones from Sony at a good price 12 $

Best budget headphones under $ 100

The TOP of inexpensive headphones in 2021 includes budget models up to $ 100, which have the best ratio of price and quality of sound and materials.

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