Sony WF-SP800N: release date and price of the new product with ANC and moisture protection

Sony has released a new pair of wireless headphones WF-SP800N . The gadget will be focused on athletes and people with an active lifestyle .

Such a name for Sony’s new products is far from “marketing”, but all products are positively noted by critics and are constantly among the best headphones of the year.

Sony WF-SP800N: release date and price

Wireless headphones Sony WF-SP800N will be released in July 2020 in orange, black and white colors. A new gadget will cost $ 200, a pre-order is already open. The novelty is between the popular WF-1000XM3 headphones for $ 230 and the recently announced WF-XB700 headphones for $ 130, in which there is no noise reduction.

What is so special about the new Sony WF-SP800N?

TWS Headphones WF-SP800N received noise reduction (ANC), as well as IP55 moisture protection, removable arms, the same Bluetooth chip from 1000XM3 and 9 hours of battery life (18 with a case). You can extend the work by a couple more hours if you turn off noise reduction. Alas, there is no wireless charging, but there is a quick charge – in 10 minutes of recharging you get 1 hour of battery life.

Headphones Sony WF-SP800N

The headphones are equipped with the Sony Extra Bass sound profile. You can use the application on your smartphone to adjust the equalizer and create additional profiles, for example, for home or jogging. There are also settings for noise reduction and ambient sounds.

I think these are the best TWS noise canceling headphones (ANC) 2020. Finally, the Sony WF-SP800N headphones have touch controls and Sony’s “quick wake up” function, so you can turn off the music while holding your finger on the sensor.

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