Samsung Galaxy Buds X – release date, price and photo

Noise Canceling Samsung Galaxy Buds X Destroys $ 100 AirPods Pro!

Samsung Galaxy Buds X 100% will become a major competitor to Apple AirPods Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds X

Samsung Galaxy Buds X Released

Most likely the release date of the Galaxy Buds X will be in August 2020 along with the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Price Buds X

Various leaks and branding sites have already shown that Samsung is working on a new pair of active noise canceling headphones. But a new trademark provided by the US Patent Office has confirmed that the Galaxy Buds X is already in preparation for release. These headphones are likely to be quite budget, as the South Korean publication Maeil recently noted that the new product will cost 170,000 won, or about $ 140 (10,500 rubles).

Noise Reduction Galaxy Buds X

The same Apple AirPods Pro offers active noise reduction, as well as other smart features, but they cost $ 250. Thus, it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy Buds X headphones offer one of the most sought-after features of wireless headphones for no more than $ 150.

The current Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus costs $ 150, so the Galaxy Buds X may well squeeze its predecessors. A pair of active noise canceling headphones for the money is a very ambitious move for Samsung.


In my review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, we noted that its earbuds have a difficult touch control. I hope that in the Samsung Galaxy Buds X will solve this issue. Since the gadget will receive a “bean” design, Samsung, apparently, was able to improve touch control.

Galaxy Buds X

According to 9to5Google , the dimensions of the Galaxy Buds X are 28 mm long and 13 mm wide, and their charging case will be 26 mm thick. This is smaller than the Buds Plus!

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