Razer Opus : ANC Wireless Headphones

Razer is best known for its gaming laptops and accessories, but now the company has decided to release the latest Razer Opus noise-canceling headphones .

Razer Opus is an on-ear wireless headphone that can easily compete with Bose, Sony, B&W PX7 and many others.

Razer Opus: release date and price

As for the release date, it already took place in 2020 (it passed quite quietly) and now you can safely order Opus in online stores. The cost is fully justified – $ 200 (14,500 rubles).

Razer Opus Wireless Headphones

Using the headset, you can configure sound profiles in the application or save the default sound settings. Opus headphones are THX certified, which means they offer “a frequency range and response capable of delivering clear, detailed vocals and deep bass with zero distortion at high volume,” according to Razer’s THX.


However, this is not a surround sound model. They are ideal for everyday listening to music, and battery life of up to 25 hours – this figure is the average for full-size headphones in 2020. The Razer Opus can automatically pause music when you take off your headphones, and resume playing when you put it on again. The gadget also received support for the AptX streaming codec.

Razer Opus Wireless Headphones

The Razer Opus Wireless Headphones are charged via USB-C and come with a carrying bag and cord in case you need to connect by wire. The model has physical controls, including a button for activating noise reduction and isolating external noise. Regarding this feature, the manufacturer described the technology as “hybrid active noise reduction”, backed up by four dedicated ANC microphones.

Based on the totality of characteristics, this gadget is suitable for most consumers who need wireless headphones that allow you to listen to music and have a conversation.

Source: Razer Opus

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