OnePlus Buds – New Wireless Headphones!

The first pair of 2020 OnePlus TWS wireless headphones will move away from Bullets branding and come out under the name OnePlus Buds . It was rumored that OnePlus had been working on headphones for some time without a leash, and during that time we really had no name for them.

The Buds naming message came on Twitter from @MaxJmb – along with a simple black and white image of future OnePlus Buds headphones.

Rumor has it that OnePlus will launch a budget smartphone called OnePlus Z in the near future – so it’s wise to introduce the new OnePlus Buds with your phone.

It is expected that the gadget will receive a simple pairing function – you use the OnePlus Buds application with the OnePlus phone, so that a convenient graphic pop-up window appears on the phone screen. Similarly, we expect to get auto play and pause when you take OnePlus Buds out of your ears.

The only thing that we definitely expect is that the headphones will be affordable in comparison with the popular TWS models of famous brands. Are headphones really being developed and released this year? Anyway, OnePlus is moving in that direction.

The release date is certainly not far off, considering how actively the company began to create new products!

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