Difference between Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE and Mi Air 2S

recently released the new Mi Air 2 SE Bluetooth wireless headphones (also known as AirDots 2 SE).

The release date will be May 19, 2020, and the cost is $ 25.

So what is the difference between the latest version of Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE and Xiaomi Mi Air 2S? What AirDots is worth buying? In this post I will give you a detailed comparison of the 2 SE and 2S specifications.
Xiaomi Mi Air2S or Mi Air2 SE

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs Mi Air 2S: Feature Comparison

To get started, let’s look at the technical specifications of 2S and 2 SE wireless headphones.

Compare Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE and Xiaomi Mi Air 2S
Parameter Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE Xiaomi Mi Air 2S
Weight 4.7 g 4,5 g
The size 54x22x54 mm 60x60x45 mm
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Battery capacity 40 mAh
410 mAh 450 mAh
Charging time 1 hour
Working hours 5:00
Waiting time 20 hours 24 hours
Driver 14.2 mm dynamic
Audio formats AAC / SBC LHDC / AAC / SBC
Profiles HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
Protection IPX5
USB connector Type-c
Music management Yes
Call management Yes
Volume control no
Voice assistant Yes
Anc Yes
Ear detection no Yes
Wireless charger no Yes
Price 25 $ 55 $

According to the above comparison table, I suppose you got a general idea of ​​the difference between 2 SE and 2S . Gadgets have a lot in common, but still there are enough differences. Further I will consider them in more detail.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE or Mi Air 2S: design

First of all, the most obvious difference is in appearance. Although both devices use a different design of the TWS earphones and charging cases, unlike previous AirDots, the 2 SE charging case has a more square shape and looks like a girl’s cosmetic bag when opened. And due to its small size (22 × 54 mm), wireless headphones fit easily in your hand and do not take up much space – you can carry around without any problems and this will not cause any inconvenience.

As for the appearance of the 2S headphones, the headset looks exactly the same as the previous generation, with the same rectangular design.
Compare Xiaomi Mi Air2S and Mi Air2 SE
In addition to a different charger design, there are some differences between the headphones themselves. First of all, the weight of each liner is 2 SE 4.7 grams, and 2S – 4.5 grams. Mi Air 2 SE TWS turned out to be heavier by 0.2 g. Although the difference is so small that it does not even feel when worn in the ear.

In both models of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE and Xiaomi Mi Air 2s earphones, a half-ear shape is used, thanks to which it holds well in the ear canal.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE and Mi Air 2S: comparison of operating time

In addition to appearance, there are large differences in battery life and charging methods.

Thanks to the new generation chip, the 2 SE headset can be used for about 5 hours without recharging and up to 20 hours with a charging case. Xiaomi Mi Air 2S charger battery capacity increased to 450 mAh. When using the gadget with the case, the battery life can be up to 24 hours. An advantage is Qi compatibility for wireless charging. Air 2 SE does not have this feature.
Differences between Xiaomi Mi Air2S and Mi Air2 SE

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs Mi Air 2S: sound comparison

In addition to the above, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE and Xiaomi Mi Air 2S also differ in sound quality.
Both TWSs support ENC passive noise reduction, and also have two built-in high-sensitivity microphones that use beamforming technology to eliminate background noise during a call. So the interlocutor can clearly hear your voice. Moreover, gadgets use a 14.2-mm composite membrane with a moving coil, the sound is more voluminous, rich and detailed. At the same time, 2 SE and 2S TWS support AAC audio codec technology, which provides enhanced sound quality and experience.

What is better Xiaomi Mi Air2S and Mi Air2 SE
In terms of latency, 2S TWS uses LHDC Bluetooth for MIUI systems. When the setting is active, the sound delay can be significantly reduced, and the synchronization of sound and image is almost perfect. Alas, this does not work out with the Xiaomi 2 SE Bluetooth wireless headphones .

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs Mi Air 2S: use

In terms of operation, the Air 2 SE and Air 2S wireless Bluetooth headsets are very easy to use. They work great with MIUI. It is enough to open the charging case, and the headphone connection window will appear on the smartphone with visualization of the headset and charger power after connecting.
What is also interesting, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE with the Xiaomi XiaoAi application can be customized for yourself and change the operating mode of the left and right headphones.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs Mi Air 2S: Price

From the comparison above, it is easy to see that 2S performance is much better than 2 SE. Of course, 2S is more expensive than 2 SE. Currently, both Xiaomi models are available for sale, the first at $ 55, and the second at $ 25 – the price is almost 2 times different.
If you need to buy TWS headphones and you do not have high requirements for noise reduction , then you should consider both Bluetooth headsets. But on a tight budget, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE is the most profitable option!


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