Apple AirPods vs AirPods Pro comparison – which is the best to buy?

Having trouble choosing between  and Pro ? There are practically no differences in the initial comparison. But believe me, there are plenty of them!

Pro are not only exceptionally easy to set up and much more comfortable than their competitors, they also come with a host of new features such as active noise cancellation and adaptive equalizer. That’s why this model can be safely classified as one of the best wireless headphones of this year. However, the headset is much more expensive than standard AirPods. It is this factor that makes many people think: is it worth buying AirPods Pro? Why are these headphones better than the cheaper AirPods that were updated in 2019?

Apple AirPods vs AirPods Pro comparison

AirPods vs AirPods Pro comparison

It should be borne in mind that in the near future, new versions of both models of wireless headphones are expected to appear. I already wrote about the release of AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2 .

So which should you choose: Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro? No one can give an exact answer, but I tried to help you. Below I have described the TOP-8 main differences between the models.

How are AirPods or AirPods Pro different?

1. AirPods Pro has noise cancellation

Probably the most notable difference is that the AirPods Pro has Active Noise Cancellation. Apparently Apple decided that passive noise cancellation would not be enough. The noise canceling level on the Pro version can be adjusted and also set to transparent mode so you can hear what is happening around you without removing your headphones.

Unlike AirPods Pro, regular AirPods do not provide active noise cancellation (ANC), but only passively reduce noise through tight sealing.

2. AirPods Pro are waterproof

If you plan on taking Apple headphones to the gym, you should buy the more expensive AirPods Pro as they are IPX4 water resistant. That is, the gadget is sweat and water resistant compared to AirPods.

Of course, this does not mean that you should take AirPods Pro with you to the pool. If they fall out or stay in the water for too long, they will break and cannot be restored. For these purposes, special waterproof headphones are more suitable for you .

3. AirPods Pro has interchangeable ear pads

In terms of finding the right fit, AirPods Pro offers more adjustment options than Apple AirPods. You will find several earbuds included, and if you’re not sure which to use, Apple can help you find a comfortable fit with a quick audio test. It will also adjust the sound according to the structure of your ear.

Unlike AirPods Pro, AirPods are made of plastic. Nothing can be adjusted here, although many people find them more comfortable than silicone earbuds.

4. AirPods Pro has a pressure regulator

If you’ve ever felt any discomfort while wearing earplugs , it’s because there was a little increased pressure in your ear. To combat this, AirPods Pro uses a very small pressure valve to relieve pressure in the ears. Apple borrowed the feature from the Powerbeats Pro.

This is a nice feature of the Pro series headphones. I recommend taking a closer look at this model if you are sensitive to pressure build-up.

5. AirPods Pro has an adaptive equalizer

The headphones have internal microphones that measure the volume. They are absolutely essential for effective noise cancellation, as well as features like Adaptive EQ, which optimize sound quality for your personal taste.

How it works? According to Apple , AirPods Pro “automatically tunes the bass and mids” with a dedicated high dynamic range amplifier that “produces incredibly clear sound and also extends battery life.” Sounds cool!

6. AirPods Pro offers a wider soundstage than AirPods

While you won’t notice much of a difference in sound between AirPods and AirPods Pro, many people have noted a wider soundstage (detail in the sound of individual instruments) and improved overall clarity when using AirPods Pro. The reason is that AirPods Pro has a wider frequency range and a camera that allows the sound to expand.

7. AirPods Pro are shorter and more durable than AirPods

It’s actually more aesthetic than functional, but the AirPods Pro are slightly shorter and more durable than regular AirPods. The tips of the earbuds are not so far from the ear, however, they cover most of the ear thanks to the large housing.

However, both gadgets have a certain futuristic look that many people really like (although there are also negative reviews). In any case, both models give an idea of ​​Apple’s handwriting at a glance.

8. AirPods Pro or AirPods: price

And finally, the category where regular AirPods have a chance: for $249 AirPods Pro are significantly more expensive than the original AirPods for $159, which come with a standard case.


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