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Difference between Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE and Mi Air 2S

Xiaomi recently released the new Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE TWS Bluetooth wireless headphones (also known as AirDots 2 SE). The release date will be May 19, 2020, and the cost is $ 25. So what is the difference between the latest version of Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE and Xiaomi Mi Air 2S? What AirDots is worth ...

Sony WH-CH710N: 2020 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Today I will conduct a review of Sony WH-CH710N ($ 200) - these are new on-ear headphones from a popular brand. I would not like the Sony WH-CH710N noise-canceling wireless headphones to be a more affordable alternative to the flagship Sony WH-1000XM3, but the novelty still falls short. The ...

OnePlus Buds – New Wireless Headphones!

The first pair of 2020 OnePlus TWS wireless headphones will move away from Bullets branding and come out under the name OnePlus Buds . It was rumored that OnePlus had been working on headphones for some time without a leash, and during that time we really had no name for them. The Buds naming ...

Razer Opus : ANC Wireless Headphones

Razer is best known for its gaming laptops and accessories, but now the company has decided to release the latest Razer Opus noise-canceling headphones . Razer Opus is an on-ear wireless headphone that can easily compete with Bose, Sony, B&W PX7 and many others. Razer Opus: release date ...

Sony WF-XB700: 2020 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones

Today, in a review of the Sony WF-XB700, I will analyze, perhaps, some of the most interesting Sony wireless headphones in terms of price / quality. The WF-XB700 Extra Bass offers such advantages as built-in controls, low weight, moisture protection and much more, but for such a budget you ...

OnePlus Bullets: what will the new headphones be like?

Rumors about the OnePlus Bullets TWS wireless headphones have been around for more than a year, but so far there have been no hints of release. Nevertheless, the latest news suggests that we do not have to wait long - they will probably appear along with OnePlus Z. OnePlus Headphones: Release ...

Oppo Enco W31 & Enco M31 on sale!

OPPO is expanding its headphone range again with two low-cost Bluetooth models: the OPPO Enco W31 TWS and Enco M31. Amazon put up for sale the Enco W31 for $ 55, and the M31 for $ 30. Sales began only a couple of days ago. And here is the newer product Enco M31 which will go on sale from May 23 . ...

Powerbeats Pro will appear in new colors!

New vibrant colors Yellow, pink, red and blue are the new Powerbeats Pro color schemes! According to FCC, models should appear soon A fresh rumor from the source says that Beats is going to introduce the new colors of Powerbeats Pro. And I would really like that to be true! The ...

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Apple AirPods Studio (X): when to wait and what’s new?

There is plenty of evidence that Apple is developing unique full-size wireless headphones and another pair of neckband sports headphones. They will not be Beats headphones. Gadgets will be under the Apple brand, and one of them will be called AirPods (X Generation), AirPods X or AirPods ...

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